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Mindset and Self-Mastery Coaching

Who is Kaizen

What i do

kaizen asiedu

What i do

My purpose on this planet is to help people access their inherent greatness and start living from a place of freedom and abundance in all aspects of life. As a mindset and self-mastery coach, I help high-performers who know they are capable of much more create extraordinary lives by dissolving the limiting beliefs that are keeping them trapped in patterns of fear, self-doubt, lack of clarity, procrastination, and emotional bondage.

Life is happening now. You deserve to have more than a job, and instead have a calling. You deserve an abundant life rich with fulfilling relationships. You deserve more than emotional exhaustion and merely surviving - you deserve to thrive. My product is freedom, my tool is awareness, and I wield it with love.

“ Fear will dissipate after you start taking action, not before ”

My story

kaizen asiedu

My personal development journey started with overcoming depression and anxiety. After hitting rock bottom and being suicidally depressed while attending Harvard, I realized that something in my life needed to change. This ignited a fire inside me and I started transforming every major of my life over a 10 year period.

I first started with my body, going from obese to fit. Then I transformed my professional life and enjoyed an 8 year career implementing and designing global strategy and leading production of multimillion dollar international events with for one of the biggest video game and esports companies in the world. For my work there, I won an Emmy. I also spent time as a tournament-winning professional gamer, and was a commentator for the biggest esport in the world.

Along the way, I enjoyed abundance of recreational activities - I traveled across the world for work and pleasure, attended music festivals across the U.S. and Europe. I reforged my personality from that of an avoidant, shy person lacking confidence to a social butterfly. I transformed my financial life to create uncommon financial freedom for myself before age 30.

By outward appearances, I was thriving. But inward, I was struggling. Life was great by all external metrics, but I was still depressed, disconnected from my emotions, struggling to push past anxiety daily, and out of love with life. To the outside world I portrayed a Mr. Perfect, Nice Guy image. In reality, I was struggling and compensating.

kaizen asiedu
In 2020, during the depths of COVID, I finally realized that despite major improvements since college 10 years prior, I was not thriving. I realized I needed to stop changing outward circumstances, and go inward.

This lead me a spiritual journey that completely transformed my relationship with my world. I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars investing in my personal growth: over a thousand hours meditating, read reams of books, dozens of experiences with plant medicines like ayahuasca and wachuma, worked with coaches, therapists - anything that could help me not just survive, but thrive.

Along the way, I gained the most important knowledge, which is knowledge of self. I changed my name to Kaizen, which means continuous improvement and change for the better. And I found my calling - which is to evolve and help other people wake up to their limitless potential.

The sum total of that I can say, after most of 3 decades of just surviving - I’m thriving, I love life, and I’ve found my calling. And I look forward to sharing those gifts with you so you can start living an extraordinary life.

You don't need to be perfect to reach your goals. You just need to be committed.

kaizen asiedu


Kaizen Freedom Mentoring

In my flagship 8 week coaching program, I work with high-performers who want to break free of the mental and emotional limitations of fear, lack of confidence, emotional reactivity, and poor discipline so that they can stop surviving and start thriving. As your mindset and self-mastery mentor, I will help you dissolve your limitations and take action so you can create the next level of your life: a life of freedom, abundance, peace, and alignment.

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A Nice Guy hides, denies, and suppresses his anger until one day he explodes. He is a danger to himself and everyone around him.

An evolved, confident man is in tough with his feelings and has mastered them. He is only a danger to his enemies.

kaizen asiedu