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You did what you thought you were supposed to do

You have the title, the team, and even the Tesla. It looks good and to others, and're grateful. 

It's a good life and it wouldn't be right to complain. So when people ask, you reply that you "can't complain". That things are "good".

But it does feel like something is missing.

You make good money, and there's nothing obvious missing. 

You tell yourself you should feel good.

After all, you're doing better than many of the people you went to school with. 

By other people's standards, things are going great. doesn't feel like it.

You keep yourself busy and have a growth-mindset. 

You work out regularly, eat pretty healthy, have a solid social life, read the occasional book about improving your habits or podcast about tools for high performers.  

But you alternate between feeling bored and restless, not really knowing why. 

It's this nagging suspicion - like you're not fully tapping into your potential. 

Like you're still stuck in the loading screen, waiting for your life to really pop off.

And to give yourself some relief from that feeling, you scroll through social media, or binge games, or Netflix.

 Somehow you always end up going a little longer than you'd like, and feel guilty afterward.

And Meanwhile, time is passing by

But it doesn't feel like it's just passing - it's accelerating. 

30 came faster than you expected, and 40 is looming in the distance.. 

You're talented. You know that. You've been praised for that big brain your whole life. 

And it used to feel like greatness was assured. 

But're not so sure.

So what are you, the main character of your life, supposed to do?

Hi, I'm Kaizen.

Also known as “The Quest Guide.”  I come in, join your party, and help you level up in your life. 

Everything from...

...helping you transition from your career to your calling (or as I like to call it, unlocking your main quest).

...supporting you in enjoying your life more without sacrificing your effectiveness.

...empowering you to let go of toxic relationships and replace them nourishing relationships.

...conquering bad habits that are stopping you from being the hero of your own journey.

All so you can choose your own adventure, and be the hero of your story.

I also like videogames, and fantasy books. If you do too, here's a useful analogy to for you to understand what you're dealing with.

Remember Navi, the little fairy who guides Link around in Zelda games? 

She would always tell Link to "Hey, Listen!"

That persistent spirit pushed Link to play bigger. 

She'd also guide him to treasure. 

Kept him safe from dangerous enemies. 

And helped him when he got stuck on a quest.

You have a Navi too. 

It's the little voice in your head that is trying to get your attention and knows that you're not fully satisfied.

(By the way, Navi is short for "Navigation", according to the creators of Zelda.)
As kids, we could all hear our Navi clearly. 

But over time, societal expectations, traumas, and distractions have caused us all to lose touch with our Navi.

My job is to first help reconnect you with yours. 

To help you get clarity on what that missing thing in your life that is preventing you from feeling satisfied, alive, potent and well...just having a lot of fun.

So that when you get to the end of another day of work, you don't even want to start doomscrolling or bingeing Netflix or games to save yourself from those feelings of boredom and restlessness.

Because you're so engaged and excited by your experience of playing the game of life full out.

And then, as your guide, I will help you get from where you are to where your Navi is pointing you while making the process simple, fast, and fun!

If you're ready to learn more about what that process can look like - let's continue!

Choose Your Adventure

Kaizen has changed my life.

Now I’m at Story Games and I’m CEO. And it’s incredible…it’s fucking incredible. I always knew I was a good leader…but now to be in it and live in it.

Something kind of happened when I turned 40. My life is different in a way that feels like a before and after. I just look back and I'm like a different man. A different person. I remembered who I was. I just know who Steve Stagliano is now.

I’m proud at 40, you know? I feel really good about 40, and it’s because of all this work. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.

I feel like a king now! I like actually feel like a king like from the Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones, you know? And what an unbelievable feeling to have when you turn 40.

Steve Stagliano
Co-founder & CEO, Story Games



Greetings, adventurer! Stay a while and listen...

I’m Kaizen Derrick Asiedu (yes, my initials are KDA), also known as “The Quest Guide.” My journey is shaped by a deep love for video games (especially role-playing and real-time strategy games), a passion for personal growth, and an understanding that we all learn best through play.

Growing up, games were more than just a hobby—they were a lens through which I understood life, offering lessons in perseverance, strategy, and the pursuit of epic quests.
After graduating from Harvard with a degree in philosophy, I ventured into the gaming industry, working at Riot Games as Head of Global Esports Events. Despite the excitement of leading the League of Legends World Championship and winning an Emmy for it, eventually I felt a growing restlessness and desire for a deeper purpose that was 100% me.

It was like there was a voice telling me “Hey, Listen!” Despite having a great job, it was still just that—a job. I was building someone else’s dream, rather than discovering and building my own. That voice wouldn’t shut up, despite all my attempts to ignore it with distractions—excessive gaming, social media, productivity hacking, and podcasts!

Eventually, I realized I was scared to listen to the voice, but what was scarier was another year of not listening to it. I felt like I was at the loading screen, waiting for the next arc of my life to load. So, I left Riot and started my journey of self-discovery, exploring spirituality, and ultimately finding my true calling.

In 2020, I left my corporate role to pursue a path that aligns with my passion for helping others find their main quest in life. This led me on various side quests, including being a pro-gamer, a commentator, and ultimately evolving into a life coach, blending my love for gaming with personal development.

Now, my main quest is to help others find theirs! My mission is to guide high achievers who feel burnt out or lost, helping them transition from unfulfilling careers to purposeful, meaningful work—whether that’s as an entrepreneur or working a job that excites them as much as playing their favorite game or reading their favorite book.

My coaching approach gameifies the process of personal growth, making it engaging and fun. Whether you’re looking to navigate a career transition or seeking greater fulfillment in life, I’m here to support you on your journey and help you be the hero of your own story.

Join me in discovering your main quest and unleashing your main character energy so you can experience life as the epic adventure you know it can be! I’d be honored to guide you to make that journey simpler, faster, and more fun—because life is better on multiplayer.

Choose Your Adventure

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You aren't a work in progress, you're a masterpiece being revealed.

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